Fire Alarm Installations Manchester


Fire alarm installations help to alert you of potential fire threats, whether you’re in the home or away. The fire alarm system can detect immediate temperature changes in the household and an excess in carbon monoxide. Fire alarm systems are typically attached to your interior fire detectors and can alert you while you’re sleeping or from afar.


Each of our fire alarm and door entry systems follow safety and health regulations required by law. We maintain these standards through our extensive work and continue to stay up to date on best practices for fire alarm systems and standards. Our fire alarm systems have been proven to enhance the safety and security of those in homes and businesses, and can alert local authorities to help address the situation if you are not present and able to do so. The local fire brigade also receives an alert to assess the situation and clear the area of potential fire harm or clear people from the scene.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are installed into the ceiling of your home or business. They’re small in appearance and require wiring into the wall to hold them properly. Fire alarms do not add distraction to your interiors and are typically unrecognizable once installed. We then add batteries to them that should be changed regularly and the alarm will notify you when it is time to have them changed. Fire alarms sound a loud noise when a potential fire has been detected and can be reset if the alarm is alerted by mistake. You should never leave your fire alarm to sit off of the wall or ceiling, as this can cause way for potential harm when an actual fire does occur.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors, like fire alarm detectors, can also alert you or the authorities when unhealthy amount of the fumes have been exerted into your home or property. The fumes are dangerous to your health and can even cause death if inhaled too much. Since the substance is clear and may not be instantly noticeable, having a carbon monoxide detector is a must-have for homeowners and business-owners that want to keep their interiors safe. Carbon monoxide can be detected alongside fires and fire alarm systems and equally notify the fire brigade of any potential harm that is persistent in the property.


While there’s not very much maintenance that goes into keeping fire alarm and carbon monoxide systems, their upkeep is crucial to ensuring that they work at maximum potential. If the batteries are not changed regularly or when indicated, your alarm systems will fail to work accordingly and could leave you in harm’s way. Maintenance requires having your systems checked regularly to ensure that they’re working in an orderly fashion and that the wiring and batteries are stocked and operating. Professional alarm technicians or members of the fire brigade have the ability to check your alarms to ensure that they are working properly and should be done annually.


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