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CCTV Installers Manchester installs CCTV security cameras around the Manchester area, adding security and protection to property owners that want peace of mind. The installation process of CCTV security cameras can usually be completed in one day and has lasting effects on the safety of your property. Installed outside and around your space, they can be made visible or concealed, based on your personal preference.


The benefits of CCTV cameras is vast and includes the added security that monitoring your space gives. You’re able to oversee and control from a distance who is able to gain access to your property and who is not. This allows clients to feel in control and comfortable about being away from the home when they’re not there to monitor it from potential burglaries. CCTV cameras also track the activities of potential threats, making it easier to report such crimes to local authorities for further action.


We install CCTV security cameras on the outside of many residential homes. Our work can be seen around the Manchester community and on a number of houses that have taken the extra step to secure their homes. CCTV cameras are set up on site and we walk you through all the details of how to maintain and use your new cameras to their maximum potential. CCTV cameras are linked to the contact information of the home or business owner, so you are immediately notified when suspicious activity occurs and you can take action.


With commercial properties, we install CCTV cameras that are extended around the property to gain access to every corner of the space. We are also able to install cameras indoors and make use of the equipment available to monitor guests inside the property. This method is popular amongst businesses, commercial properties, and other areas where security measures are high and guests are frequent. Commercial CCTV cameras can help to identify a potential threat amongst a crowd of people by time-stamping and locating where they were last seen in the area on the cameras.

Quick Installation

If you’re hesitant about having CCTV security cameras installed because you think it’ll take extended time, don’t worry! We offer installation services that can be completed in as little as one day. We set up the cameras in the allocated positions around your property that you advise us would be best. We can also make recommendations for places where we think some cameras could benefit use and enhance security. Once installed, we set up the cameras on the inside to be compatible with your systems and we show you how to operate them without our help. With the cameras comes a software system that allows you to view multiple cameras at a time and track people you want to view in certain positions around the property. If you want to record or take a time-stamp of a specific date, time, or location, we can guide you on the best way to do so.


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