If your home or business has suffered in the past from vandalism or burglary, it may be time for you to invest in a new security system. Modern day security systems come in various forms, ranging from roller shutter doors for storefront security, to CCTV cameras for added awareness. Your safety and security should never be compromised and professional CCTV installers and alarm system experts can help keep you protected. 


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At CCTV Installers Manchester, we strive to provide our clients with the security they always hoped for. This security is brought to our clients through our range of products and services which are geared towards keeping their property safe both when they are and aren’t around. If you’re worried that your property could be at risk, take the next step to ensure that you’re covered from potential burglaries, theft, vandalism, and intrusion. We’re on your side when it comes to home security systems, so don’t think twice about keeping your property safe!


    Our Services

    Like our products, our rubbish removals salford & security installation services are tailored to match the needs of our clients with immense quality and attention to detail. Since security systems are not often products that are regularly or frequently purchased by everyday consumers, we make the process of getting a secure system for your home or office easier than ever. Our services are clear in our approach to how we’ll protect your home or office from harm, how the perpetrators will be held accountable, and what steps you can take to ensure that theft, burglaries, and intrusions are less than common.

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    CCTV Installation

    CCTV Installation is the practice of installing CCTV cameras in ideal locations around your home or business to best catch perpetrators from identifiable angles. When installing CCTV cameras, it is important to be strategic about their location so that they’re able to capture footage to the best of their ability and without exterior blockages from infrastructure, poor angles, and much more.

    CCTV Security
    Camera Repair

    If you already have a CCTV security camera system in place, you might be ready for some repairs to keep it going as usual. CCTV security cameras, like other electronic devices, need the occasion update, upgrade, or repair. Since most CCTV security cameras use specialised software compatible with their systems, it is important that this is kept up-to-date as well.

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    House Alarm Installations

    House alarm installations are added to the interior of your home for exterior security. Through specialised wiring and the adding of keypads and codes, we’re able to secure your home with a mastered system that deters unwanted visitors from your home. Only those that are trusted with the adequate security code can be given access to your home. These security codes can come in the form of keypads, lock-pads, or digital systems. Whatever you choose, they’re designed to keep intruders away and alert police when a potential intruder has entered the home.

    Fire Alarm Installations

    Fire alarm installations and mugas, like house alarms, are set up around your home to detect excessive smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide – all of which could be deadly if not alerted. Fire alarms can readily pick up on a change in the air or environment that can be detrimental to your health and safety, alerting you with a loud buzzing until otherwise notified. Fire alarms should be checked regularly to ensure they’re functioning properly and have full batteries.

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    Door Entry

    Door entry systems are the modernised versions of a standard key and lock entry. Instead, door entry systems have revamped entrance and exit routines, giving clients more accessibility and freedom to come and go freely – if they have the right code or key fob. Door entry systems can be set up for visitors that arrive en masse and controlled through a door access control system, like employees at commercial properties, or can be localised into a smaller keypad-code entry for homes and offices.

    Roller Shutter
    Security Doors

    Drive down any high street on a Sunday and you’ll likely come across several businesses that have roller shutter doors exposed. These are installed for the type of storefronts and businesses that are common in the UK. Since they’re relatively easy to install and operate, they’re perfect for private purposes and those that want to protect their home or business from vandalism and break-ins. Roller shutter security doors work especially well to protect glass doors and windows from exterior damage.

    “I hired CCTV Installers Manchester to install a fire alarm system in my restaurant for when I wasn’t there to supervise. They were very professional and helped guide me through the process of how to use and operate my new system. It works great and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you!” – Miranda H.

    “If you’re looking for a professional company that can install CCTV security systems, then CCTV Installers Manchester is the company to call. They were really helpful and friendly, answering all the questions I had about their services. They’re also affordable and have a range of products to choose from. Thank you for your help CCTV Installers Manchester!” – Nick R.

    “I wanted to have a door entry system installed for my employees at my business so they could access the building with codes rather than keys. CCTV Installers Manchester gave me the best option available to do so and they installed it in no time, hassle free. They’re the best ones in town for security-related services!” – Harry G.

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    To learn more about our range of security systems, house clearance Barnsley services, and our help in getting you the best one, you can give us a ring on our main service line during our working hours. We also take calls, questions, appointments, and inquiries through email, if you prefer. Simply fill out the contact form on the homepage of our website and we’ll do our best to respond to you as soon as possible. If you’ve got a damaged security system that needs repair, be sure to let us know when you get in contact so that we’re able to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

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