Door Entry Systems


Door entry systems are used to allow property owners to manage the locks on their doors with an added blanket of security. Doors that have entry systems require codes that are set up between the alarm company and the property owner for maximum privacy and security. When completed, the door entry systems can accessed by those that have access cards, fobs, keys, or other forms of approved entry.

Digital Entry

Digital entry is an optional system used for those that want to type in codes or have digitalized forms of tap entry. This can be done with finger prints, voice activation, codes, or even digital fob keys. Digital entry can also have an added camera to their exterior so that tenants or property owners can view those attempting to gain access to the building. Digital entry is set up by alarm technicians and is locked with security measures that can be overturned with digital access codes given to authorized persons, employees, and many more.

Camera Features

The cameras added to door entry systems do more than allow you to check in on who’s at the entrance. They can also allow you to talk to, address, see, and permit access to the door through a bell buzzing system. Camera features can also monitor who enters the door and at what time, in case such information in needed in the future to reference. Having a camera added onto your door entry will ensure that everyone who passes through the doors is documented and at what time. Door entry systems also often times work as time stamps for employees who tap their employee identification to get into the building. This information, then, is logged into a an internal system that can be stored and referred to at a later time.


Door entry systems allow clients to control who is seeking to gain entrance into their property and gives them the authority to allow or disregard whomever they chose. Having the controls to your doors and gates from the interiors of your property can also save you time for the added convenience of having your visitor come to you, rather than you going to them. With door entry systems, clients appreciate how transparent the doors make interaction between a potential visitor to the property and property owners enjoy the simplicity of how the system manages or tracks entry of all guests. If an unauthorized guest attempts access, the camera will then pick it up.


With controllability also comes convenience. For those that live in apartment buildings or work on high levels of a building, having access to a door entry system can allow you to buzz visitors in without having to meet them every time. For entry systems that see a lot of guests and foot traffic, it can also speed up individual’s access when entering in groups as they can simply tap their identity codes for access, rather than a traditional lock and key entry. We are also offering Roller shutter security doors services.


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