CCTV Security Camera Repair Manchester


Have a broken or damaged CCTV security system that isn’t able to perform like it used to? No problem! We have experience in fixing and repairing damaged CCTV security cameras and house alarm installation from the inside out. Having repairs done typically saves clients more money than replacing the security cameras and system altogether, making it an affordable option preferred by many.

Lens Repair

The lens on security cameras can often times crack or break due to environmental issues, intended damage to them by vandals or burglars, or generic wear and tear. If your lens is in need of repair, it will often need to be removed and replaced with a clean lens. We stock a variety of repair parts for the types of CCTV security cameras that we use in most installations, meaning that finding the exact part shouldn’t take too much time or be too difficult.

Motion Detector Repair

If your CCTV security cameras have a motion detector sensor that has failed to operate over time, it may be in need of repair. Motion sensors are triggered by movements and can deteriorate after extensive use or mistreatment. Replacing the motion sensor requires the removal of the old one and the adding of the new one, which can be done in a matter of minutes. We will then test it to make sure it is operating again, as it should. Motion detector repairs can be completed with tools we maintain a stock of in-house, so you do not have to worry about being out of a security system for too long.

Power Connectivity

Another common problem that CCTV cameras face is power connectivity. Because many cameras are outside, they are exposed to the outdoor elements and can fail to work over time if they’ve encountered heavy storms, winds, or have been hit with branches or animals. If the cameras fail short of expectation due to power connectivity, the solution may be to simply restart and reboot the system. If this does not work, battery may need replacing for full usage again. Poor connectivity could also be a problem linked to internet connectivity, if your cameras rely on internet usage to alert or notify you of potential threats.

Wiring Repair  

Improper or failing wiring has also caused severe problems amongst CCTV security cameras, especially those that are outdoors or that were installed quickly and without attention to detail. If the wires of your CCTV security cameras have deteriorated or become exposed, they will need to be rewired and covered to ensure they do not pose a threat to anyone. Exposed wires can lead to hazardous electrical shocks and even electrical fires, if not cared for immediately. Wiring repair typically requires removing old or tattered wires and replacing them with new ones that have a fully in-tact binding around their delicate makeup. Wiring repairs are then concealed further into the device and the mounting system to ensure they can not be caught onto other objects, sagged, or pulled.


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